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Top Trends in The Bar Industry 2020

Learning and understanding the trend in your industry is crucial to stay on the top of your game! That's why  Westminster restaurants must keep up with the trends in restaurants, bars, and bar-related businesses to adapt to their growing and changing customers' needs.

Here are some of the industry trends that are gaining traction:

Healthier drinks

More consumers, especially millennials, are now getting conscious about what they drink. They prefer for healthier and more unique choices of beverages rather than high-caloric traditional drinks. Kombucha and plant-based waters are becoming popular as healthier alternatives for soft drinks and beer.

Local beers 

Drinking a locally manufactured beer while knowing its history makes an appealing combination, especially for tourists. It could make a great local attraction for the people who want to experience culture from locally produced drinks. 


Many service-oriented businesses are shifting to a more innovative way to reduce service times and increase customer satisfaction. And one creative approach is to install a self-service kiosk in the place of the business. The bar industry and Westminster restaurants are also starting to offer self-service mechanisms such as self-pour beer, alcohol vending machines, and cocktails on top.

Mocktails and zero-proof drinks

These non-alcoholic drinks in the bar are surprisingly increasing its popularity for the customers, especially with young women. You can observe that several alcohol-free bars are opening across the country. While traditional bars like the best restaurants in Westminster, CO are starting to introduce mocktails and zero-proof drinks into their menu.

Premium mixers

The high-quality ingredients and the premium taste of expensive mixers make it appealing to the delicate drinking consumers. By adding premium mixers into the menu, variations of offered drinks will be broadened. 

Environmental responsibility

Many bars are starting to consider organic ingredients and avoid disposable plastic and napkins as their movement towards a more sustainable environment. On the other hand, most consumers are willing to pay a 10% premium for goods that are sold and produced organically.

Classic cocktails

Depending on the bar's target consumer, classic cocktails are predicted to have a comeback. It is good news, especially for the bar that specializes in serving cocktails to their customers. Try reducing drinks selection and focus on classic cocktails such as Mojitos and Old Fashioned. However, the downside of this trend is a complicated and time-consuming process that can result in a slow down of service.

Operational efficiency

Like any business that belongs to the Food and Beverages industry, service is imperative to sustain the best restaurants in Westminster, CO. Not to mention the monetary investment that the owner puts into the workforce's training to provide superior customer satisfaction. However, losing employees because of the competitive nature of the industry becomes part of the day-to-day operation. The introduction of self-service machines is just one part of aiming towards operational efficiency in the Food and Beverages industry.

Technology advancements

With our modern age, every business needs technology to run a successful enterprise effectively. Currently, experts are collecting data to know and serve better the target consumer in the F&B Industry. By using this data, bar owners can make better management decisions in the future.

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