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Temple Run Oyunu Bilgisayara Indir Gezginler




Temple Run (Trouble on the Temple Run) is a 2. This game also requires WiFi for your device to work. Avoid the spikes, dodge the obstacles and complete the temple run. In Temple Run you must evade all the obstacles and spikes. Run the entire temple and get as far as you can. Temple Run is an arcade running game for all platforms. It is a remake of an old game that allows you to run as far as you can. There are levels of increasing difficulty. The game features daily runs, beat high scores and view your performance. Now you can play the game on your Android and iOS devices. It is a freeware game that has been created by Imangi Studios. The game requires WiFi for multiplayer play and will work on iOS 4 and Android 2. Play temple run. The Temple Run is an iOS game in which you must get to the finish line in order to rescue the princess. Run for your life in this exhilarating new adventure! You'll start with simple controls, but as you play, you'll discover more complex and challenging controls as you collect coins. The princess is on the run! Whether you're playing in the city or running through the jungle, the environment reacts to your every move. But the obstacles are no joke! Jump over tall obstacles, weave through narrow passages and slide under obstacles to gain precious coins. It's a race against time to save the princess! Discover a wide variety of obstacles in the following environments: Jungle, Mine, Temple, Volcano and City. The game contains:- Free ad-supported version with limited game features- Ad-free version with full game features The Temple Run is an action-adventure game that plays like an endless runner, but the level design is similar to that of a side-scrolling platformer. The game features over 2, characters with unique movement and climbing mechanics, and a variety of obstacles to overcome, and levels that change as the character traverses them. The goal is to complete a level as quickly as possible without falling into a bottomless pit. The game is played with the swipe of the finger, and was inspired by the iPhone game Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. This game is a game that was released a few years ago on the iOS platform. Now it has come to Android! Play the Temple Run and rescue the princess! The game has two modes: the Adventure Mode and the Run



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Temple Run Oyunu Bilgisayara Indir Gezginler
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