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May 5, 2022 is "Lixia", which is actually the Taiwanese version of "Father's Day"! This Sunday is also Mother's Day. Let's take supplements for our parents, and let's spend the hot summer together!

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May 5, 2022 is "Lixia" in the 24 solar terms. Chinese people actually attach great importance to "Lixia", and there are some related customs of Lixia since ancient times.

Lixia custom

During the Zhou Dynasty, the emperor wanted to "welcome summer" on the day of the beginning of summer. In order to show respect to the gods and pray for a bumper harvest of summer crops, the emperor and civil and military officials all used "red color" in clothing, body accessories, horses, and vehicles. It is a very important ceremony for officials to go to various places to encourage farmers to cultivate.

There are also many folk customs about the beginning of summer. Some places eat eggs, some places drink porridge, some places cook rice with different colors of grains and beans, some places taste fresh vegetables and fruits, and some places drink tea; traditional Chinese medicine It is also emphasized that you can "nurture the heart" in the beginning of summer. In summer, the days are long and the nights are short. You can increase the lunch break, so that the body can get enough rest.

From a modern point of view, due to the heat of summer, it is easy to lose appetite, consume a lot of physical strength, and people tend to feel tired. These foods are easy to digest and rich in nutrients, and can also replenish water for the body in a timely manner. Wisdom, and Taiwan also has its own "Lixia Customs"!

What does Lixia eat?

Hakka Customs - Cao Zai Kueh and Meida Mu

During the beginning of summer, the Hakka people will go out to the wild to pick koji grass and use it to make grass glutinous rice cakes and rice daisies. It is said that after the whole family eats it, it can avoid sores in summer.

gourd noodles

After the beginning of summer, the weather starts to turn hot. In the central and southern parts of the country, there is a custom of eating "gourd noodles" (gourd, commonly known as "puzai"). Since gourd is a seasonal ingredient, it is cool and easy to eat, which means "cool tonic".

Qijia Porridge

Giving rice, wheat, etc. to each other with 7 families in the neighbors, and then cooking porridge with the grains presented by others and the 5 kinds of beans or grains grown by ourselves. It was originally a habit in Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas. "Seven Family Tea", the early farmer in Taiwan also had such a custom. Eating it can keep you safe throughout the summer.

pork knuckle, noodles

In Taiwan, there is a saying from Grain Rain to Lixia: "Lixia makes up for the old man, and Grain Rain makes up for the old mother." Grain Rain is the last solar term in spring, and Lixia is the first solar term in summer. The two solar terms are connected together. It is getting hot and the physical exertion is relatively large. Married daughters can go back to their parents' home at this time to "supplement" for their parents. According to the usual practice, most of them prepare pig feet and noodles for their parents. "Lixia" and "Guyu" can also be said to be The Taiwan version of "Father's Day" and "Mother's Day" is nearly a month from the beginning of Guyu to the end of Lixia. This month can also be called "filial piety month"!

This custom will vary slightly depending on the place. For example, people in Nantou will buy "big noodles" (that is, noodles) to return to their parents' home during the beginning of summer, while in coastal areas, they will return to their parents' home on the day of the "Winter Solstice" to "make up for winter". Yilan Jiaoxi They will symbolically cook "sweet noodles" for everyone to enjoy together, but what remains the same is that this is a good wish given to parents through custom, and it also means that parents can prolong their lives. This weekend is Mother's Day, and it's the Taiwan version of Father's Day and Mother's Day. Let's celebrate with your parents, eat nourishment together, and spend the hot summer!

Do not wear shoes directly at the door

It is said that wearing shoes directly at the door may easily anger the door god, but in fact, it may cause danger because of blocking the walking line. Therefore, it is recommended to wear shoes next to the door to express respect and respect for the door god.

Do not sit on the threshold

It is said that sitting on the threshold will block the entrance of the door god, resulting in a blocked future and easy obstruction. If you really sit on a threshold by accident, there is also a way to solve it in folklore, that is, you can sit on the other 6 thresholds, and you will be able to solve the problem by sitting on a total of 7 thresholds!

Folklore is for reference only, I believe everyone can be healthy and safe as long as they have respect!

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Lixia 2022 is here! This day is the Taiwan version of "Father's Day".

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